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Start Here

The following image is what the crank should look like before putting it on the gun.

1: Start by inserting the 1″ threaded post through the round standoff and tightening with the nut.

2: Insert the end of the cam through one side plate. The example to the right is for right handed used. Flip the cam around for left handed use. Attach the handle and tighten set screw.

3: Install the pins in the top holes of the side plates and inserting the other side plate. The pins are a tight fit and may need to be tapped in the first few uses. Though the crank generally doesn’t need to be taken apart.

Set the GatCrank on the Trigger Guard

The GatCrank generally does not need disassembled, other than the bottom plate to install and remove on most firearms. If you’re using a firearm with a smaller trigger well, the crank can be installed by putting the far side plate on after it is on the trigger guard.

Install the Bottom Plate

Put the bottom plate on, install the screws, and tighten the wingnuts until the crank squeezes to the width of the trigger guard.

Screw the thumbscrew into the bottom, and tighten finger tight.

Making it work.

Ensure the gun is unloaded and charge it.

You may need several tries before you find where the crank works the best, but with the gun charged, two of the three cam lobes should be touching the trigger. Tighten the thumbscrew.

Turn the crank. It should fire with slight resistance. If it does not engage the trigger, slid the crank forward on the trigger guard until it does.